Being Prepared, Loyal& Professional

PT Binajasa Abadikarya is a security and salvage service company, working by promoting maximum and professional services supported by:

  1. Qualified and experience security guards
  2. Security education (basic, intermediate and advanced)
  3. Trainings on emergency response (emergency organization)
  4. Training of CCTV operators
  5. Investigation Team (examination and investigation)
  6. Training on bomb introduction (jihandak)
  7. Having high loyalty and dedication to clients
  8. Communication skill with the environment (wherever they always promote partnership relation between government and local community)

List of Clients

  • Menara Jamsostek Building
  • Head Office Building BPJS Ketenagakerjaan
  • Branch Office BPJS Ketenagakerjaan
  • Apartment Casablanca Mansion
  • Archive Building BPJS Ketenagakerjaan
  • Low-end Flat Lancang Kuning (Batam)
  • Low-end Flat Muka Kuning (Batam)
  • Low-end Flat Kabil (Batam)
  • Low-end Flat Cikarang (Jababeka)

Work Standard

1. Supervisor

Security supervisor system is conducted routinely and continuously by supervisors the field supervisors in order to maintain its discipline and quality.

2. Development & Training

Development of employees as well as training carried out periodically (monthly) by instructors / Chief Security with the programmed materials.

Recruiting System

Implement with a very high criteria to be able to recruit prospective security personnel being reliable, professional and having intelligent instinct required in the conduct of duties in the field.

Security Equipment

  • Standard Equipments
    1. PDL / PDH Uniform
    2. handcuff
    3. Stick
    4. HT Radio
    5. Traffic Light
    6. Flashlight
    7. Metal Detector
    8. Mirror
    9. First Aid Kit
    10. Stretcher
    11. Wheel Chair
    12. Computer
  • Special Equipments
    1. Repiter / radio rig
    2. Amano machine
    3. Patrol motorcycle
    4. Emergency light
    5. CCTV
    6. Metal Detector
    7. Toa