Main purpose of Outsourcing for an organization is to minimize operational risks and achieve measurable cost and in order that the company may focus to core business of the company’s objectives. Outsourcing is a transfer or assignment of an operational work function to any third party namely service supplier company, including the routine decision making process up to management decision.

Advantage for the company for using outsourcing services are:

  • Can be more focused to core business or main works being carried out.
  • Meansurable operating cost and manpower investment cost.
  • Avoiding manpower turn over which may harm operational activities.
  • Represents modernization of business.
  • Effectiveness of manpower function.
  • Protection of risks of business condition uncertainty.

PT Binajasa Abadikarya, or also called PT BIJAK, as an outsourcing service provider company being experienced in the management of human resources and has clients of large, medium and small companies it does not only provide outsourcing services, but also offers solutions for the service users in form of:

  1. Consultancy on human resource management in effective and efficient manner.
  2. Standardization of process and the application of technology to support efficiency of recruitment and selection implementation.
  3. Obtaining quality candidate alternatives in accordance with the work competency and work culture.
  4. Implementing the regulation model  “one stop service”, namely coorporation with a provider, in this case PT BIJAK which will become a Quality Assurance to some other providers.

Total number of workers currently managed is 4,178 people who work raging from practical level to senior staff, expertise in the fields of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, IT, administration, marketing, warehousing, and spread throughout  the territory of Indonesia such as Medan, Pekanbaru, Duri, Bengkulu, Palembang, Lampung, Jakarta, Bandung, Solo, Kudus, Semarang, Wonosobo, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Madiun, Jember, Kediri, Makassar, Kendari, Manadao, Balikpapan, Banjarmasin, Pontianak, Denpasar, Mataram even to Jayapura.

As for the clients which coorporate with PT BIJAK are:

      • BPJS Ketenagakerjaan

Comprised of Positions: Security, OB, Secretary, Administration, Mechanical Electrical, House Keeping, TRM, Marketing.

      • PT. Lotte Mart & PT. Lotte Shopping Indonesia

Comprised of Positions: Cashier, SPB & SPG, Facility, Administration, CS.

      • PT. Robert Bosch

Comprised of Positions: HRD, Administration, Senior Engineer.

      • PT. Bosch Rexroth

Comprised of Positions: Warehouse, Driver, Workshop Assistant.

      • PT. Johnson & Johnson Indonesia

Comprised of Positions: HRD & GA, Packing Support, Recruitment Specialist, Administration.

      • PT. Adhi Karya Tbk (Persero)

Comprised of Positions: Accounting & Administration.

      • Aerowisata
      • Bank Mandiri Tbk.

Comprised of Positions: Administration & Marketing

      • Bank Permata Tbk.

Comprised of Positions: Administration & Marketing

      • ANZ Bank

Comprised of Positions: Administration & Marketing