Housekeeping is one of crucial things for property business. Cleanliness and comfort are absolute. Housekeeping of PT BIJAK has a capability to keep all things which being its work responsibility, delivering the good and neat result, and delivering a good image which ends with the satisfaction of the users. Further Housekeeping we translate into Tata Graha

Consistent maintenance will have impacts to the useful life, delivering positive image and optimal saleability of the existence of the property. Therefore there is no property being successful without having a planning and allocation both in budged and resource toward the Housekeeping.

PT BIJAK has been applying Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) being basic and consistent in its implementation, and in the recruitment process of reliable human resource is managed raging from selection, placement, remuneration, allowances, training, career path, to the dismissal in professional and sustainable menner in so that any employee has a role based on empathy being competitive and dynamic.

List of Clients

  • Menara Jamsostek Building
  • Head Office Building BPJS Ketenagakerjaan
  • Apartement Casablanca Mansion
  • Archive Building BPJS Ketenagakerjaan
  • Low-end Flat Lancang Kuning (Batam)
  • Low-end Flat Kabil (Batam)
  • Low-end Flat Cikarang (Jababeka)


  • Main Equipments:
    1. Scrubber Machine
    2. Polisher and hand polisher Machine
    3. Vacuum Wet and Dry
    4. Extravag Machine
    5. Blower Machine
    6. lawn Mowers
    7. Geni Lift
    8. Handy Talky (HT)
  • Gondola Equipments:
    1. Safety belt
    2. Safety roof
    3. Carmantel
    4. Auto Stop
    5. Carabiner
    6. Body Harness
    7. Protekta
    8. Gondola Helmet
    9. Scaffolding
  • Support Equipments (among them):
    1. Single bucket
    2. Mop & Cotton Mop Spare
    3. Lobby Duster Stick
    4. Cotton Mop Lobby Duster Spare
    5. Window Washer
    6. Telescopic
    7. Wet Floor Sign
    8. Toilet Bowl Brush
    9. Floor Squeegee
    10. Rack Bowl
    11. Aluminum Ladder
    12. Garbage Trolley (Sulo)

Documentation on Housekeeping Works

  1. Cleaning of Facet of Building Exterior with Gondola
  2. Cleaning of glass wall & alcubond with ladders
  3. Cleaning of north tower’s lobby ceiling by using “scaffolding”
  4. Crystallization of Granite Wall
  5. Scraber
  6. General Cleaning brushing of parking building area & buffing of granite floor.