PT Binajasa Abadikarya (PT  BIJAK) has been fully entrusted for the management of rusunawa (low-end flat) located in Batam island  and Jababeka Cikarang owned by BPJS Ketenagakerjaan, namely:

  • Rusunawa flat Cikarang – 2 tower (245 rooms)
  • Rusunawa flat Kabil – 20 tower (1.000 rooms)
  • Rusunawa flat Muka Kuning – 2 tower (78 rooms)
  • Rusunawa flat Bumi Lancang Kuning – 12 tower (564 rooms)

with a total 36 towers and 1.887 rooms. Management of these low-end flats comprises of building management, rent, housekeeping, security, and so forth.

PT BIJAK is very experienced in managing all aspects both from social cultural aspect and business aspect for a building. Low-end flat buildings managed by PT BIJAK in Batam have been occupied by almost 90% of total available. Existance of PT BIJAK is very helpful for clients to manage a building properly.

PT.  BIJAK also manages low-end flat located in east of Jakarta, exactly in Cikarang, rusunawa Cikarang has been occupied more than 90%.