PT. Binajasa Abadikarya also called PT. BIJAK who was originally engaged in the business of human resources and property management, along with the development of the company as well as the need and demand, then one of the development of PT. BIJAK is on finance.

By having a good resource, in the form of trained human resources, information resources are complete and up, as well as capital resources, the development of enterprises in the financial sector can work well.

Financial support services are conducted by PT. BIJAK include:

    1. Re -selling of financial products of the Bank and non – bank financial institutions .

As a re -seller of several products Banking and non – banking , PT. BIJAK working together to do marketing with target consumers based on information held and appropriate criteria.

    1. Acquisition remittance agencies

Business development in the field of business activity jada remittance or remittances from abroad, in line with the activities of PT. BIJAK who send workers abroad ( PJTKIS ) . The advantage is not only acquired PT. BIJAK , but for workers to get security and convenience.

    1. Capital investment in the property business

Property development world , either for residential , apartment and high-rise apartments require substantial capital and sustainable , then PT. BIJAK with the resources and experience , engage in equity investments that are short-term, temporary ownership scheme . Commercially PT. BIJAK gain advantage over funds that are included , but also socially help provide affordable housing and support national development .